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It all started in Vienna in 1914 with great-grandfather Ludwig Varga, who opened the restaurant “ZUR ALTEN MATZLEINSDORFER LINIE” in the 5th district of Vienna at Wiedner Hauptstraße 2.


1946 His daughter Maria moves with her husband Franz Schimanszky to Baden near Vienna and opens a restaurant at Braitnerstraße 33, which until the end of the 1950s was considered an in-place in Lower Austria.


1957 After the sale of the business in Baden, Maria & Franz acquire the restaurant “ZUM WALDECK”, as well as the agriculture and spirit distillery in the idyllic village Ödlitz near Berndorf. The two run it as one of the first breaded fried chicken stations in Lower Austria with great success.


1978 The youngest son Wolfgang Schimanszky takes over the family business with his wife Gabriele. A few years later, they renovated the company and wine cellar, which was renamed "Waldgasthof Schimanszky", with great attention to detail, which they still run with great joy, creativity and commitment.


The 80s were characterized by growth and expansion. During this time, the in-house culinary delights from gastronomy, agriculture and spirit distillery are always expanded and refined.


In 1990 Wolfgang opened with his brother Franz Schimanszky - who was the head waiter for over 30 years in one of the best known Viennese gourmet restaurants at that time, the "Drei Husaren" - their second restaurant in Biberstrasse 2, 1010 Vienna. Franz Schimanszky runs the business very successfully until his retirement in 2001.


2001 Daughter Gabriele Schimanszky junior takes over the management in the Viennese restaurant and is still working with a lot of joy, creativity and commitment in the "Restaurant zur WILDen Schimanszky".

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